Remote control car is attractive. But no matter you believe that the sum of the following 11 questions almost no one is immune, almost all of the remote control of these fans will always encounter.

So many fans of the remote control sum, 11 common mistakes will be made available to everyone, would like to remind some of you to avoid the occurrence of such incidents resulting in unnecessary losses.

RC action in the field of oil, whether you are a novice or veteran, will make more or less the same type of error. Is so interesting is that even if you have a lot of experience, even if this hit the error you have come across several times, it will happen. Let's take a look at what we should take note of, and how to avoid.

Taiwan to start in the first reverse wire
Do not laugh! ! We have seen many times, your engine may be launched, but the opportunity to launch small. You check in and replace the spark plugs, fuel, oil and so on, make sure you start the box is a flywheel spinning in the right direction.

Avoid this error, you should pay attention to the battery box activated, and Ma Dabu joint line. From the engine to see positive (direction of the crankshaft), the engine's flywheel is anti-clockwise rotation of the flywheel and start the box should rotate clockwise.

The second failure of the launch or to receive the battery

In sports car before the start of the day, you have to check the battery transmitter and receiver whether there is sufficient battery power. Open the remote control to turn off or forget, forget the charge, or to replace fired / receiver battery is expensive oil tanker accidents the No. 1 killer!

Habit, in the days of the sports car the night before, good and sufficient transmitting and receiving cell. If you use alkaline batteries, in the day before and must be replaced.

In order to avoid inadvertent transmitters or receivers were open, packing equipment in the transport before, pulled the plug receiver battery and took away the transmitter batteries, a sports car to the site again after the battery installed.

Each engine before launch, we must check whether the remote control on the steering responsive to ensure that controlled the engine. If you turn the steering gear is slow, or fixed, then note where the problem.

The third unstable air filter

The only protection against dust from the engine's air filter things. If you are a dirty place in the sports car rather than the use of air filtration, engine and you will soon have to bid farewell. A strong impact would be flying air filter out, and the use of nylon cable ties to tie in the carburetor air filter, to prevent loss. Banding in the zone before the industrial use of alcohol or an oil tanker cleaning agents to clean up the neck carburetor or air filter at the bottom of the grease stain. And then tied to the carburetor will not tie off, but keep in mind that not too tight, as it will air filter at the bottom of the casing out of carburetor.

Too much gas in the fourth Accessories
This is another common error. Air Filter bought, some of them have the oil, and some do not. When you have the air filter to increase the oil, add more oil would lack the engine fresh air. Gas Transmission filter is not clear that the more the more good things. In order to avoid the engine you can not breathe, the air filter is no need to be saturated with oil, only the surface layer of uniform painted on it. Finally, remove excess tissue with oil.

Fifth hold down the gas engine filter out
Do not filter through the air to the engine off! This will be very easy to push things too dirty air filter into the carburetor, or directly to the air filter sponge into the carburetor neck.

You have to stop the engine, just pick up the car with toe touching the flywheel (Do not step on strong to prevent the piston connecting rod fracture). In the car out of control, but you do not want to touch his hand hot exhaust or carburetor mouth, the same applies to. In addition, the pipeline could also come and hold off the engine. In short, in order not to dirty the internal engine, not by air filter.


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