I like the car, but I love beautiful women. Some of the things I was attracted by the external, like the pursuit of the links between them. If the car's appearance and women face. Every time walking in the street, I have tried to find a common ground between the two in an attempt to link the two.
I remember on one occasion, on his way to work, to see a unique Mini oncoming car, as the nature of the car, my attention was attracted closely in the past, and people feel very heart of the car is in the stunner. The tall figure, an elegant long hair, handsome face looking at the face, Aura Qing Yi, extraordinary refined, giving a sense of not simply perfect.
     To the company after I tell a colleague, there is no mention of a woman inside the vehicle, immediately said they did not expect: not the beautiful car, the car is the beautiful woman you! I know, colleagues. However, the car is really beautiful!

Camry & round face - never old youth
Camry as today's market middle and senior leaders. With the appearance of the mellow, spacious space, excellent performance, excellent quality, CAMRY model has been widely praised. CAMRY new generation to continue to maintain this advantage of the many, and - to balance all aspects of a more outstanding.
Camry compact appearance, in the use of convex and concave, more comprehensive look at, whether it's looking down, head-up, or the side, the side, or any angle, is all the praise. Especially in the face before the headlamps in the design, Smart is sudden show of unlimited energy and youth, and Jiaoqiao City, people can easily think of the Arab-Israeli sa face full of vigor and vitality of the baby face.
With a round face, also known as the baby-faced, and will never face such a remarkable old, no matter from which point of view appears to have David gas. Rumor in the political arena entertainment business organization known as a "baby face teaching," its members to teach all have a handsome baby face, and all Advanced Wrinkle Reducer well, he said still face the same arena for many years, but there are some of their youthful vigor Signs. If the Arab-sa, Luyu, Jang Nara, and so on are typical in this regard.

LEXUS GS430 & melon seeds face - always look forward to the

Aftertaste not the ultimate beauty, noble and elegant show personality. LEXUS GS430 a strong dynamic design, Xi Lian's body, solid rear, pretty high waistline, the outline of the most beautiful longing for life. Although the Japanese cars, European cars, however tough, steady style perfect evident.
Especially in the face before the GS430, smooth lines down, stretching the right, could not help but think of the people to face the second half of the seeds, and the rear part of the full design and simple form, the tension is quite all-in-one color red and white lamps, Cecilia Cheung is a surface that Jiaomei forehead.

Face seeds in the East face of the female advocate has the merit of "snatching the camera," because seeds face face appears to be small, compared with a zoom lens to be good-looking, we look at the face of the seeds, most of the photos are good-looking than I am. As a result, South Korea to rush to any Xuegu Afghanistan, could be described as "three feet of frozen cold day." Melon seeds on behalf of the face: Cecilia Cheung, Lee Young-ae, such as Zhang Ziyi.

L & Corolla face - the more the more goods Youwei

"Without the characteristics of the characteristics" is a lot of people, including the media Corolla on the evaluation form, perhaps precisely because of this design concept of moderation, only to allow access to the success of the Corolla. As long face, although the body spareribs and thin, but also pointed to the face, said Jian Jianfei it!

From the point of view the appearance of a crown shape and a long face are compared with the Nai Kan. Corolla before the face as a diminished version of the Camry, calm atmosphere. The first large-scale lanterns and a little uplift the engine compartment, the texture is very adequate, and the heat of the unique grille design, the front of the steady increase in momentum. Body softer side of the line, was not aggressive waistline, but the full tension. The tail of the more conservative design, the group taillight did not smooth the way of publicity. These characteristics of the Corolla as long face, look no features, that is, with the beautiful in the eyes, small mouths, as is the plain.
Corolla due to the wide-body, high percentage of the relationship between the tail appears to be higher, not solid. It's beginning to see the general shape, but have made him look like it at all, reserved, modest, yet the atmosphere. mysinablog

Long-face people face is characterized by large, and also features large, soft face curve, steady, mature and lack of vigor and Aura, but the time to look at for a long time will feel very taste, as the Corolla is reserved for peace. Have the face of such representatives: Michelle Reis, Flora Chan, maggieQ

Volvo S80 & square face - and not too Xie Wan Yan
Volvo brands contain differentiate, elegant features, it represents a success without publicity, but not noble Liu Su. The new Volvo S80 and the shape prior to the listing of the S40 has a similar, especially in front of resetting the shape of the intake grille and headlamps, full highlights a new generation of Volvo's unique family members of the descent. Although the intake grille raised on both sides of the two lines in the older generation who can find the S80, S80, but the new generation has been interpreted more in-depth insight, which runs through the former face, along the hood up, even with the high waistline Integrated into the final exchange in the Volvo sign of the "steps" on the bottom. As a result, was more stocky and stable image of the S80 suddenly become tough, rich lines also enhance the charm of the whole movement, in order to give people more secure feeling.

The reason why the Volvo S80 and a woman linked to a square face, because the human face is characterized by significantly lower compared with masseter muscle, facial lines are very clear and obvious, giving a neat feeling, as if Volvo S80-Chi's "step" bottom, showing all fishes solemn, dignified atmosphere. Girls face with this line appears to be too tough, people close to impossible.
Have the face of such representatives include: Jia Jingwen, Zhang Rui Ji

Beatles & Ling-face - the classic style of mellow
2006 New Beetle and New Beetle convertible, full of expression and the appearance of the Aura, elegant body ratio, the sparkle around the oval headlamps, the heart of a variety of attractive bright colors, a new era of the new classical To make it. In any case, but the changes are inseparable from the carapace of its mellow and smooth lines, just a cartoon-like face before, the rear of a longer decline, high uplift of the roof, as well as on both sides of the natural magnification, scalable Shape characteristics.
The typical diamond-shaped face is the forehead is concave on both sides of the account, high cheekbones, under the cheekbones are concave on both sides of the account, and then compared with a pointed chin, with the narrow, convex, under the narrow features. From the Beatles to see the top of the features of shape, and almost diamond-shaped face is no different.

The beautiful diamond-shaped face, if the color is not good, looks very uncomfortable impression, as if Shaofen malnutrition, the flavor is too thin. Like the Beatles, in the absence of color rendering, hernia round headlamps and rear window glass windows adorned the background, just very ugly, no wonder the Germans to the car this nickname.
Have the face of such representatives include: Ada Choi, Liu Yifei, Hou Peicen, Joe SONG Hui

Jaguar S-TYPE & reverse triangular face - hard to resist the temptation
Jaguar S-TYPE line shape is very smooth round, although the former face in the middle raised high, but fell on both sides of the contraction and natural, smooth, and used to see a little face to the rear edges and corners. Shence their car line in today's design is also sinks in rare form, before and after the low, middle, so that highlights the vehicle's elegant streamline appearance. Like a reverse triangular face, the amount of leniency, a small jaw. Jaguar S-TYPE front spoiler part of the former and bright ornaments up and down the mesh grille, the rear of the

Cover spoiler, and skirt after skirt after the grille and stainless steel exhaust pipe decorative, stylish atmosphere so that the all-too-apparent.
Reverse triangular face should be said is a more eccentric face, the face of such a feel relatively delicate and refined. Let us take the following scenario against the face of the triangle, a black long hair, it's with a pair of big eyes Shuiwang Wang was actually a re-Huli Jing Shi, seductive touching, as in Jaguar S-TYPE is difficult to resist the temptation.
Have the face of such representatives include: Fan Bingbing, Li Wen

• Aston Martin DB9 & flat-face - the memory will never fade
Among the many modern models, DB9 model, once it becomes available • Aston Martin on behalf of the real. Solid pre-plate with larger vents and air-dam waspish. The plastic cover before the headlamps are larger, making the car before the face appears to be relatively new. Automobile tail lights of the double use of lights arranged as a whole, more interesting. DB9 gave people the impression that the entire body slender, to see from the tail, flowing lines, Hangyunliushui, dynamic.
The reason why the flat-face contact and Martin DB9, because this gave people the impression that slender face and delicate, yet the dignified but mellow flavor. As the flat face and long because it has a face of such obvious characteristics of facial features, even has a pair of beautiful eyes, or a small mouth, and so on, this will be to face a lot of hyperchromic. As Martin DB9 headlights plastic cover and put the wind deflector hole, brought about by the air dam.


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