I like the car, but I love beautiful women. Some of the things I was attracted by the external, like the pursuit of the links between them. If the car's appearance and women face. Every time walking in the street, I have tried to find a common ground between the two in an attempt to link the two.
I remember on one occasion, on his way to work, to see a unique Mini oncoming car, as the nature of the car, my attention was attracted closely in the past, and people feel very heart of the car is in the stunner. The tall figure, an elegant long hair, handsome face looking at the face, Aura Qing Yi, extraordinary refined, giving a sense of not simply perfect.

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Remote control car is attractive. But no matter you believe that the sum of the following 11 questions almost no one is immune, almost all of the remote control of these fans will always encounter.

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KyoSho is a vast number of business models collectors are most familiar brand names, product features are: mold clean round, thick texture, crystal Qimian, in the right proportion, first-rate technology, the various pieces of plating, painting, body language is very particular about the real With the car really comparable. Beijing Germany's BMW are specified by the manufacturer model, is authorized to obtain the original Ferrari car designs and trademarks, worldwide production and marketing of a full range of Ferrari model, and Audi series, as well as other sports car model. The proportion of common 1:12,1:18,1:43. At present, the new generation models have become collectors one of the most popular products. For collection, to commemorate, such as gifts.

The models in the domestic collectors, in KyoSho's business model is the most well-known 1:18 of the BMW series, M series to the Z8, are out to infiltrate Japan to improve the quality of the brand (although production in China). KyoSho Germany's BMW are designated model makers, in their true car showroom, a large proportion of the models are brand business in KyoSho; At the same time, KyoSho was also authorized by the original Ferrari car designs and trademarks in the world Within the framework of the production and sale of Farah, a full range of products, we can see the quality of its model is unusual.

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Car models are often on behalf of the latest technology at the time of the latest models modeled. It can be said that each of the three-dimensional models is an encyclopedia of the car in an exciting, the car is a carrier of culture.

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